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A site training passed in Voronezhenergo


IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division together with Voronezh Transmission Control Centre, a branch of JSC "SO UES" conducted a site training on "Actions for emergency evacuation of personnel from the administrative building under the threat of a terrorist attack and a fire". The exercises also involved the fire service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Voronezh region, a fire department and police department of Left Bank district.

The main objectives of the training was testing of a single action system of managers and staff of the Executive Office, practical actions of the management and staff under the threat of a terrorist attack and a fire, as well as determination of the degree of effectiveness of the organization of the anti-terrorist security of the premises of the administrative building and the localization of the source of fire.

During the exercise the power engineers worked out an emergency evacuation of employees out of the building and in an expeditious manner communicated information about the potential threat to the FSB, the police department and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The evacuation of personnel was carried out through the emergency exits of the building and the entrance gates, located in a secure area off an explosive device. Firefighters, who arrived at the scene, eliminated conditional fire hazard for 50 minutes.

Upon completion of all activities the power engineers conducted an organizational meeting, at which they summed up the training. According to Deputy Director for Security of IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division Konstantin Klepikov, the site training was held in full compliance with the agreed plan. "The event was a success - the employees responded quickly to a signal for an emergency evacuation, and within a few minutes left the office building. Such training is an important prerequisite to prepare staff to act in conditions of fire or other emergencies. IDGC of Centre is a socially responsible company, for which the safety of personnel is a priority," stressed Konstantin Klepikov.

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