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Bryanskenergo summed up its operating activity in 2013


IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division held an extended meeting with heads of subdivisions and chiefs of Distribution Zones of the branch. During the event, the performance of the company in 2013 was analyzed, and the main areas of work in the current year were identified.

"Meetings in person most effectively reflect the work of Distribution Zones," said, opening the meeting, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division director Roman Stefanov. "In addition, the chiefs of the Distribution Zones through direct communication with top managers of the branch can get not only first-hand information on the production, but also a rapid assessment of their initiatives."

Results of the production activities of the branch in the past year were summed up by Deputy Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of Bryanskenergo Alexander Kosarim. He noted that the branch managed to improve performance in all key areas. In 2013 Bryanskenergo increased the net supply of electric power by 34.546 million kWh compared with the previous year and reduced losses in the grid by 8,153 million kWh. The number of applications for grid connection increased by 18%, and the number of concluded contracts by 12%. The number of unplanned outages decreased in comparison with 2012 by 21.1%.

Bryanskenergo’s repair program in 2013 was executed at 104.7%, and the planned values of one of its main indicators - clearing ROWs along 0.4-110 kV Conductors, it managed to surpass by 9.4%. The investment program was also implemented with the overfulfillment of the plan, on the execution of which 464.4 million rubles were spent. In 2014, the funding of the investment will grow to 531.679 million rubles, of which more than 373 million rubles will be allocated for retrofitting and reconstruction of facilities.

During the meeting the results of activities in the field of reliability and safety were also summed up, as well as prevention of electric injuries at power facilities. According to Alexander Kosarim all the planned activities for the reporting period were fully implemented. Much attention in the past year, as before, was given to providing workers of the branch with uniform clothing, footwear, and electrical protection gear. Specialists of the production control and safety Office in all districts of the region distributed posters and leaflets with the rules of behaviour near power facilities, schools conducted lessons on electrical safety.

Results of the 2013 operation of the Distribution Zones were reflected in the rating, formed by the results of benchmarking. Evaluation of the Distribution Zones was given in four areas: failure rate, operations, maintenance and operation activities and work with the SAP database. The ranking leaders with "good" rating were Dubrovsky, Zhiryatinsky, Komarichsky, Krasnogorsky and Sevsky Distribution Zones. There are no Distribution Zones, which operated with the general assessment "unsatisfactory".

Summarizing the enlarged meeting, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division director Roman Stefanov, gave current instructions to the heads of relevant subdivisions and outlined the tasks for 2014, among which is preparation of electricity networks for the autumn -winter operation period, prevention of electric injuries, improving the quality of work on customer complaints, etc.

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