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Bryanskenergo fulfilled the annual plan for metrological assurance of production and quality control of electric energy


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division summed up the metrological assurance of production for 2013. This work is done in all branches of the company in order to increase efficiency of production management, quality of products and services provided to consumers.

Bryanskenergo fully implemented all the planned activities for the specified period. The metrological service of the branch calibrated 1,568 working measuring instruments, and 1,592 working measuring instruments were tested, including 310 commercial meters of electricity, and 590 measuring current and voltage transformers, etc.

Much work was done in the field of quality control of electricity supplied to consumers. During the past year, experts of the metrological service of the branch made measurements of the quality of electricity for 390 control points. Measurements were performed repeatedly on requests of consumers, based on their results in the case of need necessary corrective actions were quickly developed and implemented.

For the implementation of power quality measurement the specialists of the branch use domestic power quality meters such as "Resource -UF2M", "Break -T". Used devices have a user-friendly interface for setting that does not require connection to a computer, and allow to obtain reliable measurements with commercial and technical metering of electricity, thereby increasing energy efficiency.

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