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Yarenergo improves energy efficiency in the Yaroslavl region


In 2013 IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division installed 3,203 instruments of an automated electricity metering system. This work is part of the energy conservation and energy efficiency program in the Yaroslavl region.

The project provides for the inclusion of each meter in a single system, which automatically performs remote data transfer about consumed kilowatt-hours (kWh) from all metering points. The system records technical parameters of the grid operation – the voltage and power consumption. This information allows power engineers to monitor the operation of energy facilities and minimize electricity transmission losses by analyzing the balance between the data at the transformer substation and the amount of readings from all metering devices at consumers’.

Through the use of the automated metering system in 2013 the productive supply of electric energy in the branch increased by 6.8 million kWh (0.1%). In the total energy transmitted this positive effect is negligible, but the efficiency of specific facilities, at which the system was installed, improved significantly.

Within the framework of implementation of the automated metering system the power engineers install meters with high accuracy class (1 and above) with a wide range of functionality. Consumers can track data on energy consumption for any period of time. Based on this information, they can save on the difference in payment for electricity at the "day" and "night" rates.

Metering devices, included in the automated metering system, are installed at sites with the greatest losses and in places where it is hard for staff to access to take readings. Basically it is in the private sector, so the largest number of meters in 2013 was installed at residential households – 1,995. The work was performed in Yaroslavlsky, Tutaevsky, Nekrasovsky and Pereslavlsky districts.

Last year in the framework of the program of energy conservation and energy efficiency and implementation of the Federal Law "On energy conservation" the branch completed installation of house metering devices in blocks of apartments in the region (in 2013 – 911 meters). 123 metering points at legal persons’ and 174 technical metering points were also upgraded.

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