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Yarenergo teaches children to "make friends" with electricity


Yaroslavl power engineers of IDGC of Centre continue to work to prevent children’s injuries at electric grid facilities. Experts of Yarenergo had a lesson on electrical safety in the Mokeevsky secondary school of the Yaroslavl region. The event was attended by about 50 children – pupils of grades 3 – 5. The purpose of the lesson was to instill in children some clear understanding of dangers of the electric current and prohibition to approach electrical installations.

The power engineers told the children about the properties of the electric current and the threat, often fatal, it represents, about behaviour near power facilities. For clarity the power engineers showed pictures of substations, power lines, poles and electrical panels, as well as warning signs. The boys and girls learned that only specialists are allowed to work with electricity – they have not only expertise for this, but personal protective equipment.

On a simulator Gosha the power engineers demonstrated actions of first aid to the victim as a result of electric shock. A lot of young lifeguards wanted to try to "revive Gosha". The lesson was accompanied with themed games and puzzles.

An animated film about the rules of behaviour near electrical installations helped secure important for life information.

At the end of the class the power engineers gave the children lesson timetables, bookmarks with basic electrical safety rules. In addition, each pupil received a book by Vyacheslav Kolesnik "Energolandiya" with poems, rebuses, riddles and tests on electrical safety. To help the teacher the power engineers handed a new handbook, in which electrical problems are presented in an accessible form.

Director of the Mokeevsky school Elena I. Paramonova noted the importance of such lessons: "Lessons on electrical safety are useful to any school, any educational institution. And I hope it will be in the system and I am sure that all children can learn the basics of professional safety. They will learn about the dangers and benefits of electricity. And most importantly, it was a lot of practical material presented in the form of literature, leaflets, calendars, booklets so that the children could try to save the man."

Children can demonstrate the acquired knowledge in the contest "Safe Electricity". This contest is held by Yaroslavl power engineers together with the Department of Education of the Yaroslavl region. The contest is held for the second time, this year teachers can also participate in it. The contest will be held from 3 to 28 March, applications and entries will be taken by the power engineers until March 3.

Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division are constantly engaged in prevention of children’s injuries. Last year the Yaroslavl power engineers conducted about 80 training sessions with children.

The program to prevent cases of children’s electrical injuries is in place in all 11 branches of IDGC of Centre and is constantly evolving. In order to establish two-way communication with educational institutions on the web site of IDGC of Centre in the near future there will be a new section "Apply for a lesson". In it a representative of any educational institution geographically located in the service area of the company will be able to submit an application for a lesson on electrical safety.

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