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Yarenergo provided reliable power supply in the New Year festive days


Power engineers of the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre ensured reliable operation of power facilities during the New Year holidays. During this period no significant power outages were reported. Yarenergo’s electrical networks operated in a stable normal operation mode.

To ensure the reliable power supply of the Yaroslavl region during the holidays the branch took a series of preventive measures. The power engineers performed a detailed check of technical condition of all pieces of equipment, availability of power supply backup sources, relay protection circuits, communications, the supervisory process control system, set up extra rounds and inspections of power lines in order to identify damage and timely to eliminate them, and checked the emergency control automation.

Throughout the New Year week the branch organized around the clock duty of managers and decision makers, set up special control over the work of substations and power lines, and the equipment, which was down for planned repair, was switched back on.

57 first responding and repair crews totalling 148 people and 61 necessary vehicles were on high alert operational duty.

The operational management centre of the branch was in constant interaction with the headquarters of the electric grid complex of IDGC of Centre. The interaction was also I place with the territorial office of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and local district administrations.

The direct toll-free power line at 8-800-50-50-115 was in operation around the clock.

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