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Lipetskenergo increases staff qualification


For 9 months of 2013 37 % of employees of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division participated in the training, carried out in the framework of staff training. 2,835 million rubles were spent on that.

The priority areas of training were labor protection in the electric power industry; industrial, fire and environmental safety at electric power grid facilities.

Staff development in 2013 was carried out on such topics as quality control of electricity and energy efficiency; operation and maintenance of electrical networks; operational control; protection of health and safety.

Also during the reporting period there were trainings on team building of young professionals and development of managerial skills for Chiefs of Distribution Zones. Until the end of 2013 it is planned to conduct a training program on «active» sales for staff of the unit of development and interaction with customers.

The educational process in Lipetskenergo includes theoretical and industrial training, practical training and internships. Theoretical training is carried out on the basis of specialized educational institutions and own specialized classrooms.

Among the main partners of Lipetskenergo in the organization of staff training this year are Lipetsk State Technical University, Voronezh State Agricultural University, Zadonsky Polytechnic College, Lipetsk Metallurgical College, FGAOU «Petersburg Energy Institute for Advanced Studies», Non-state Educational Establishment «Power Engineering Staff Training Centre», Scientific Development and Production Centre Non-state Educational Establishment «Lipetsk Training Centre», NP «Centre for Occupational Safety», Private Educational Establishment of Additional Training " Lipetsk Scientific and Methodical Centre" and others.

The industrial training is conducted in educational workshops, training grounds, simulators, as well as directly at workplaces of the enterprise. This integrated approach provides systematic and continuous development of professional knowledge and skills of employees.

Personnel training and safety of staff is given priority in IDGC of Centre. Following the company’s overall strategy aimed at forming highly qualified professional staff, the management of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division takes measures to ensure, preserve and enhance human capacity, increase professionalism and motivation of employees to achieve corporate goals.

«Investment in training is smart investment, because promising development of the energy sector depends on the professionalism of power engineers,» underlined the head of HR Katerina Mushnikova.

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