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Voronezh power engineers reduce losses


IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division summed up the work to decrease electric energy losses. During 9 months of 2013 6.2 billion kilowatt-hours were supplied to the grid of Voronezhenergo, with the productive supply that reached 5.7 billion kWh. Electricity losses amounted to 532 million kWh (or 8.5%) and remain one of the lowest among all the branches of IDGC of Centre.

Good performance of the Voronezh power engineers can be achieve through continued systematic work, which is held at the branch within the framework of the energy conservation and energy efficiency Program of IDGC of Centre (hereinafter — the Program). During the reporting period, its targets were exceeded by 36%: with the planned value in 12.78 million kWh the real energy saving was 17.57 million kWh.

Among the activities of the Program, which gave the greatest effect for the period, facts of non-metered and non-contractual electricity consumption and damage recovery should be identified. Following the results of 9 months of this year, the compensation for damages amounted to 10.86 million kWh.

In terms of Distribution Zones the best production performance to reduce electric energy losses for 9 months of 2013 was achieved by specialists of Anninsky, Kalacheevsky, Liskinsky, Olkhovatsky, Pavlovsky, Repyevsky, Rossoshansky Distribution Zones.

«Measures of the power engineers to minimize the level of losses in the networks can enhance the effectiveness of the grid company’s performance, and thus provide more stable and reliable power supply in the Voronezh region. Not only the economic performance of the company improves — in the end the positive effects of these measures are felt by consumers of Voronezhenergo,» explains the head of Electric Energy Delivery Office of the branch Alexander Mozgovoy.

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