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Yarenergo increases revenues from the sale of value-added services


For 9 months of 2013 it amounted to 27.6 million rubles. This is 20% more than the same period last year.

From January to September IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division concluded 3710 contracts for the provision of value-added services. The list of services includes installation and replacement of meters, works within the competence of customers in the implementation of the grid connection procedure, operational and technical management and maintenance of electrical networks, maintenance of outdoor lighting networks, testing and diagnostics of electrical equipment and other services.

One of the most popular services of the branch remains the performance of work under the responsibility of customers in the grid connection procedure (grid connection support). As part of the service power engineers perform the following work: installation of taps, grounding, meters and external leads. Since the beginning of the year 891 customers have requested this service from Yarenergo.

Compared to last year the number of applications for the grid connection support has increased by 9.5%. The growth in the number of applications for this particular service, as well as a general increase in interest in value-added services, is related to the company’s awareness work, which the branch conducts with the public. Customer Service Centers (CSC) of Yarenergo hold regular round tables with the participation of specialists of the branch to inform customers about benefits of a service and provide detailed comments on all issues related to power supply.

The last targeted meeting on the grid connection support service was held in the Yaroslavl CSC in the middle of October. It was attended by consumers, who had already made an application for grid connection, and residents of the Yaroslavl region, considering the possibility to connect to networks of Yarenergo soon. At the end of the event two new customers decided to use the given service.

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