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Lipetskenergo increases capacity of feeding centres


IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division is completing the reconstruction of another feeding centre of the power system — the 35/10 kV Substation «Frequent Dubrava», which was commissioned in 1974. After the completion of commissioning, scheduled for July 2013, the capacity of the power facility will increase almost 2 times. Modernization of the substation will allow not only to improve the reliability of power supply of Lipetsk district, including many social facilities — schools, kindergartens, life support systems, but will also create opportunities for new grid connections in Lipetsk district, where in recent years there has been an active housing development.

The reconstruction of the substation was carried out with the use of modern equipment and advanced technical solutions that reduce maintenance and operating costs. Power engineers have spent 26.1 million roubles to implement the project.

During the modernization 2 old transformers with a capacity of 2.5 MVA was replaced with two more powerful — 4 MVA each. Instead of outdoor 35 kV switchgear with isolating switches and short-circuiting switches a switchgear system (35 kV switchgear and control gear) with panels of microprocessor protection was installed. From the previous equipment the 35 kV switchgear and control gear differs with improved reliability, safety, high performance and cost-effectiveness. Advantages of the new 35 kV switchgear and control gear are due not only to the design features, but also enhanced protection features that provide fault location, their speedy elimination and, as a consequence, reducing the interruption duration in the power supply of consumers.

The entire set of construction, installation and electrical works at the 35/10 kV Substation «Frequent Dubrava» was carried out without restricting consumers, the electricity supply was provided with a temporary energy supply scheme.

To meet the growing energy needs of the region Lipetskenergo this year has planned reconstruction of two supply centres — the 35/10 kV Substation «Zadonsk-rural» and 110/10/6 kV Substation «South West». This will require other 150.3 million roubles of investments from power engineers.

Modernization of supply centres is a component of a multi-year renovation program of power facilities of IDGC of Centre, aimed at further improving the reliability of power supply for consumers. The program, developed from the perspectives of the development of power grid facilities in the region and data of the equipment diagnostics, provides for gradual upgrade of substations and power lines, eliminating power shortage at unavailable feeding centres, and increasing grid transmission capacity.

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