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Electrician of Zavolzhsky Distribution Zone of the Yaroslavl city power grid was the winner of the contest «Man of labour — power, hope, and merit of Yaroslavl»


In the Great Hall of the Mayor’s Office in Yaroslavl the grand summation of the city contest «Man of labour — power, hope, and merit of Yaroslavl» took place, which was attended by 1,515 people from 252 organizations.

The contest «Man of labour — power, hope, and merit of Yaroslavl», established in 2003, is held to promote public recognition of good work in the today’s society, increasing the importance of the role of workers in the development of economic, social and cultural areas of the city.

This year’s winner was the electrician of Zavolzhsky Distribution Zone of the Yaroslavl city power grid Igor I. Shchegolev. His experience in YaGES is more than 20 years. On Igor’s account there are important production tasks performed for the start-up of significant facilities to the millennium of the city of Yaroslavl: Regional Perinatal Center, Planetarium, Yaroslavl zoo, a football stadium «Shinnik». A crew led by Igor Schegolev performed the reconstruction of electrical equipment in the Holy Vedeno Tolga Convent.

The winning relay to Igor was passed by Sergey Lesunin — Chief of Operations and Technology Service of Yargorelectroset, who won the contest in 2011.

«At the present time in all divisions of the Company true professionals work who can do anything hard, who have well-deserved reputation due to their high level of professionalism, diligence, good faith with the business,» says the director of JSC «Yargorelectroset» Sergey Zorin. «And we are proud that our employee has won this contest, as it has been repeatedly, and we consider important the recognition of the work of an electrician, very complex and challenging, the recognition of the personal contribution of Igor in the development of the city and power industry. It is just next to such professionals younger workers quickly learn the secrets of professional skills, study techniques of productive and safe operation, these are such people who are the main wealth of the Yaroslavl city power grid.»

The winners were congratulated and presented the diplomas of the mayor of the city of Yaroslavl Evgeny Urlashov, and Chairman of the public organization «Association of Trade Union Organizations of the Yaroslavl region» Vladimir Savelyev.

Photographic portraits of the winners will be exhibited in the lobby of the City Hall of Yaroslavl.

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