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Family of an employee of Lipetskenergo — Best Family of the Year


The family of Svetlana Zenina, a worker of Yeletsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division, was the winner of the regional annual contest «Best Family of the Year» in the category of the best adoption or foster care family. Awarding ceremony was held in the large hall of the Administration of the Lipetsk region. The Zenins received a reward car «Lada Kalina». A common gift for all the participants was the performance of children’s creative teams and professional artists.

The holiday was a vivid demonstration of family and moral values and was aimed to their revival, maintenance and preservation.

The family of Svetlana and Alexander Zenins has four children, among them there are three adopted ones. The eldest daughter Elena is 35 years old, adoptive twins Andrey and Oleg are 17, the youngest Onarina is 15. Following the example of their parents the children grow responsive, indifferent, kind and active, — on their family’s account there are many awards, certificates for good performance and participation in regional competitions and sports games.

On behalf of Lipetskenergo Svetlana Zenina was congratulated by Head of Human Resources of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division Katherina Mushnikova. «With all our heart we are congratulating Svetlana with this victory and wish happiness to her family,» she stressed. «Lipetskenergo on its part will continue to provide all the necessary social support.»

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