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The Headquarters for power supply security operated in Yaroslavl


A regular meeting of the Headquarters for power supply security took place in the Yaroslavl region, at which the autumn — winter 2012/2013 operation period was summed up. IDGC of Centre was represented by the branch of Yarenergo and JSC «Yargorelectroset» (a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDGC of Centre). The meeting was also attended by representatives of local authorities, RTN, EMERCOM, Department of Housing and Public Utilities of the Yaroslavl region.

The Government of the Yaroslavl region highly appreciated the work of the two grid companies during the winter peak loads. Despite the fact that this winter was constantly checking the strength of the energy system of the Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl power engineers provided reliable electricity supply to consumers throughout the autumn and winter period, and minimized the number of process failures.

A report on the outcome of the operation through the period of maximum loads was presented by Director of Yargorelectroset Sergey Zorin. He noted that the full implementation of plans of repair and investment programs contributed to the steady operation through the autumn and winter period. This year, the repair program of Yargorelectroset is also being performed according to plan.

«Successful completion of the past autumn and winter period is the result of timely fulfillment of a set of measures for the preparation of equipment and networks for peak loads, the deliverable of professionalism of the Company’s specialists,» commented Sergey Zorin. «During the autumn and winter period a decline not only in the number of outages compared to the same period of 2011/2012 was registered, but some decrease in the average restoration time of energy supply, which was 1 hour 26 minutes.»

Sergey Zorin at the meeting of the Headquarters took the initiative to check availability and operation of diesel generators at a particular group of consumers of the first category of power supply, which found support and encouragement from the participants of the meeting. Talking about the current situation, Director of Yargorelectroset also spoke about preparations to operate through fire dangerous and thunderstorm seasons.

Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Vladimir Grigoriev also reported on the work of the branch in the winter peak season. In 2012, Yarenergo invested about 600 million rubles in the modernization of the electric grid complex. Power engineers reconstructed the key substations that significantly affect the reliability of the region. 133 million rubles were spent on repairs in the past year. 605 km of 35-110 kV lines, 1,139 km of 0.4-10 kV lines, 18 feeding centres and 593 transformer substations were repaired, 800 hectares of ROWs along power lines were cleared and more than 400 hectares of ROWs were extended.

«The most difficult step is behind. We are well prepared: amount of the repair campaign has been increased, ROWs have been widened, and operating personnel have had necessary training. Now we are preparing in full for the next autumn-winter period,» noted Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Vladimir Grigoriev.

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