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Smolensk teacher thank power engineers


In the name IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenrego division director Sabir Agamaliev a letter of thanks was received from the staff of school # 2 after Hero of the Soviet Union N. A. Danyushin for conducting lessons on electrical safety.

The director of the institution Valentina Kiseleva on behalf of the teaching staff thanked Smolenskenergo for their efforts to prevent children’s electrical injuries. «Classes of electrical safety, conducted by specialists of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenrego division, are an integral part of learning the basics of electrical safety in schools. At them schoolchildren learn the proper and competent handling of electrical appliances, familiarize themselves with the risks of electrical injuries at home and at work, the basics of providing first aid to the injured with electric current,» noted the letter.

Power engineers try in an accessible and informative form to tell what students need to know about electric current and answer a lot of questions. The most striking and memorable moment of the lesson is to work with a dummy Gosha. It is just with its help experts of the branch teach children the most basic and simple rules of first aid to the injured. An important point of the lesson is also a talk with students about the proper use of household electrical appliances, which there are so many in modern life, as well as warning signs surrounding them everywhere — in the yard, near the school, in the street. For lessons the power engineers actively use colourful visual materials: posters, colouring books, calendars that remind children of electrical safety rules. For teachers the branch prepares a package of materials for their holding future lessons on electrical safety that will help teachers make their conversations about safe electricity interesting and informative.

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