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Veterans of the Ministry of Energy of Russia visited Kurskenergo


IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division was visited by veterans of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. The delegation of 36 people had known power engineers of the country, who worked in construction and installation companies, participated in the construction of large energy facilities, including in the Kursk region. Two of them — Nikolay P. Ivanov and Dmitry K. Zherebko are participants of the Great Patriotic War. Dmitry Zherebko fought a commander of a rocket launcher BM-13 «Katyusha». In 1942, being in a ring, he did not let the enemy take possession of the secret weapon. For the preservation of the State secret, April 12, 1943 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, he was awarded the Order of Lenin.

At the meeting of the veterans of the Ministry of Energy and the branch some exchange of experiences of veterans’ organizations was made. Chairman of the Board of Veterans of Kurskenergo Dmitry Bozhak told the guests about how much attention is paid to veterans in IDGC of Centre, on the participation of veterans of the branch in the formation of the Museum exhibits, about helping the management of Kurskenergo in training young professionals, and career-oriented work.

In the Museum of the History of Energy of the Kursk region the veterans of the Ministry of Energy met with the stages of becoming a regional power grid, saw rare documents showing rapid recovery of energy facilities after the liberation of Kursk in 1943.

Commenting on the results of the visit, the delegation leader Igor Novozhylov underlined: «We are coming here for the second time, and both trips to Kursk left many pleasant experiences for our delegation. Our veterans have learned the details of military battles at the Kursk bulge, which thrilled everyone, but especially it was important for the participants of the Great Patriotic War. We have seen what a qualitative leap the Kursk power system has made in recent years, how much is being done for the modernization of the electric grid complex of the region for the benefit of consumers.»

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