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Museum of the History of the Tambov power system was named winner of the regional contest of museum projects


In the Tambov regional museum the summing up of the regional museum contest «Tambov museums in the contemporary educational and cultural life of the region» was held. The Museum of the History of the Tambov power system, created on the site of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division, was named among the winners.

A creative group of public relations of the branch developed the project «The conqueror of energy: unknown biographical facts of A.N. Lodygin in the museum’s collections of Tambovenergo, which took the third place in the category» Museum studies«.

The award ceremony was timed to the International Museum Day and the Year of Culture in the Tambov region. The tasks and objectives of the contest is to increase awareness, including of the public and sponsors, to the solution of problems in the field of museum work, to raise the status of museums, their influence as a factor in the formation of the cultural environment of the region. In addition, the contest is aimed to help improve services to visitors of museum institutions, enhance the prestige of the museum profession, consolidation and dissemination of experience of the best museums, and extending the range of professional communication.

«Every museum brings its own unique contribution to the successful construction and development of museums of the Tambov land. Thanks to the work of each of you, the historical and cultural heritage of the Tambov region is carefully preserved and enhanced. You pass your knowledge in the museum business to the young generation, plant the love and respect to the roots, make one be proud of great victories of the ancestors, comprehend the lessons of history,» stressed in his address to the gathered the head of culture and archives office of the Tambov region Yury Golubev.

For information:

The Museum of the History of the Tambov power system opened in 2010, the event was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Tambovenergo. Currently the museum has exclusive documentary and photographic evidence, as well as antiques, which might lead to trace the formation of electrification the Tambov land for certain. The exhibition has a special place given to the inventor of the filament lamp, a native of the Tambov province Alexander Lodygin.

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