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Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre are ready for the flood period


In order to ensure smooth and reliable operation of power facilities IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division is checking the availability of personnel and vehicles for the spring flood season.

Specialists of the branch have increased control over the condition of power lines, substations, buildings and structures located in the area of possible flooding. Together with local governments and other stakeholders appropriate safety measures have been taken when operating small boats, as well as when fishing in places of passing overhead lines through streambeds of non-navigable rivers.

The branch is also cleaning gutters off debris and snow across premises of Distribution Zones, is performing inspection of all electrical installations located in areas of likely flooding. First responding crews have been put on high alert, as well as operators on duty at power facilities with a high probability of flooding.

Tverenergo interacts with territorial authorities of Roshydromet, departments of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, and local authorities in order to obtain timely information about weather conditions facilitating intensive melting of snow and flood risk.

Proper technical condition of mobile backup power supply sources and their availability for emergency transportation have been ensured. Flooded areas have been monitored and routes of movement and locations of mobile backup power supply sources to power up infrastructure facilities have been set, with which communication and electricity supply can be interrupted by floods.

An action plan for risks of emergencies during the passage of the flood period has been developed.

Acting branch director Alexey Galkin informed: «According to Roshydromet, opening of the main bodies of water in our region is expected in the period from 15 to 27 April. Interval of assumed values of the water level this year should be within normal limits, except for the western part of the Tver region. On the Volga, Tvertsa, Mologa Rivers and the Lake Seliger some risk of slight excess water is possible. To date, the branch has identified mobile crews, vehicles for work at the time of the spring floods. This gives us every reason to hope for the successful operation through the flood period.»

After passing the flood Tver power engineers will organize a survey of all structures, buildings, equipment exposed to melt water to determine the extent of damage and the need for repair and restoration activities.

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