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Energy Conservation — a priority of Yaroslavl power engineers


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division is implementing a program of energy conservation and energy efficiency. In 2012, the effect of the implementation of the program was 35.2 million kWh.

Last year the program included activities to switch off transformers with seasonal load and transformers operating in the mode of small loads. Overloaded and underloaded transformers were also replaced, and unbundling of power lines was performed. Power engineers equalized the load on the phases of 0.4 kV, replaced crossovers with self-supporting insulated wire, installed automated electricity metering systems. The main effect was achieved by identifying non-metered consumption, which prevents theft of electricity and disciplines consumers.

In 2013, as part of the energy conservation and energy efficiency program Yarenergo will replace more than 6.5 thousand light bulbs and perform thermal insulation of a conduit in 14 Distribution Zones of the branch. The purpose of these measures is to reduce the consumption of energy resources for the economic needs of the company. Another activity, aimed at improving energy efficiency, will be the development of an automated system to read meters using portable computers.

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