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Voronezhenergo increases the productive supply of electric power to consumers


IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division has summed up the delivery of electricity in 2012. During the reporting period, the electricity supply to the grid totalled 8755.5 million kW/h, which is 2.8% more compared to 2011. Growth of electricity consumption in the Voronezh region is associated with the development of medium and large businesses, and increased construction.

As for the production results Voronezhenergo succeeds in implementing the program to reduce electricity losses. For example, last year the losses were reduced with respect to the planned by 3.13 million kW/h. The actual loss of electricity totalled 807.07 million kW/h or 9.22% of the electricity supply to the grid. Compared with the previous year the decrease of relative losses was 0.15%.

Throughout the year, the branch was taking a set of measures to optimize the losses. The greatest effect in terms of reducing losses was through the actions for elimination of technical malfunction in the commercial metering system, installation of metering boxes on building facades, replacing the wires with bigger section on overloaded power lines, replacement of overloaded transformers, standard wire for self-supporting insulated conductor and other activities. The branch is also active in identifying unmetered and non-contractual electricity consumption.

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