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Yarenergo improves quality of power supply to the village of Gorki of Nekrasovsky rural settlement


Within the program to improve the quality of electricity in 2013, the modernization of the electrical network in the village of Gorki of Nekrasovsky rural settlement of the Yaroslavl region has been started. As a result of the work the quality and reliability of power supply of more than 100 residents of apartment buildings will be improved.

The specified object is included in the investment program of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division for 2013. Its estimated cost is about 5.6 million rubles. Power engineers will perform a complete replacement of electric grid facilities in the village of Gorki. Yarenergo will construct new lines using self-supporting insulated wire (SIW). The use of SIW eliminates electric shock during accidental contact to electrical equipment, ensures high reliability and uninterruptible power supply. Instead of wooden poles the power engineers will install 90 pieces of new concrete ones. As a result new electricity networks of 0.4 kV with a total length of more than 2 km and 10 kV conductors — 400 m will be reconstructed and constructed.

Also, instead of the old substation Yarenergo will construct a new one, while the installation of a new transformer will increase the power injected in the network by 90 kVA. The location of the new substation will be different — the power engineers will move it to the load centre. Now the substation is located far from the village, on the site where once there was a farm. Residents of the village of Gorki were too far from a power source, as a consequence the length of networks is unreasonable, and high losses and reduced power quality. The power line, which now feeds the village, has deteriorated significantly. Thanks to the modernization of the electrical network with high-tech equipment and materials the quality of the transmitted energy will stabilize, as well as power losses in networks will be reduced, resistance to atmospheric stresses of equipment will increase, and therefore, the time and number of outages related to adverse weather conditions will decrease.

Completion of the work in the village of Gorki is scheduled for mid-April 2013. The upgrading of networks in Nekrasovsky district is performed constantly. In the near future Yarenergo is to reconstruct electric grid facilities in the settlement of Burmakino and the village of Ulkovo, and to perform design and survey work for the future grid reconstruction project in the village of Vyatka.

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