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Staff of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division evaluated innovative projects of power engineering students


Kostroma experts of IDGC of Centre are actively cooperating with educational institutions in the training of qualified personnel for the power industry. Stable partnerships with leading universities and academies of the region are an important area of human resource management in Kostromaenergo. In addition to retraining and professional development of its own staff Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre supports innovation activities of students of specialized educational institutions, thereby accumulating its own talent pool.

This year, employees of Kostromaenergo joined the jury of the regional technical creativity Olympics. The participants were students of technical schools and colleges who specialize in «Radio mechanics», «Electrician» and «Power Engineer». 10 students presented their technical projects, which were specially developed in preparation for the Olympics.

Most of the projects focused on a very topical subject today — energy conservation. The jury assessed the novelty of the proposed idea, the presence of rationalization approaches and practical significance for the development of regional economy. The winner of the Olympics was a student of the Machine-building technical school Anton Smirnov. He defended his project called «Smart apartment».

«Kostromaenergo as the largest electric grid organization in the region has its own interest to participate in such competitions and contests. There talented, creatively different think students compete who not only study well, but are really passionate about their future profession, want and can do with their hands really useful stuff. We have our interest in both the innovative ideas, and the young people themselves,» says the head of HR of Kostromaenergo Nadezhda Muravyova.

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