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Yarenergo increases the amount of the repair program for 2013


In 2013, IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division plans to perform overhaul and maintenance of electric grid facilities for a total amount of 160 million rubles. Compared to last year the amount of the repair program has been increased by 18%. The current increase in funding of the repair program of Yarenergo is the most significant in recent years.

Yaroslavl power engineers will begin performing the main part of repairs in May, after the official end of the autumn-winter period. Now a plan has been formed and some work is being performed at facilities, which do not affect the operation through the winter peak loads. The scope of the repair program depends on the technical condition of facilities. Each main substation, line or transformer substation are checked, their results are entered in the information resource management system based on the SAP ERP platform. It provides automatic assessment of the technical condition of the equipment, and the index of reliable operation of grid elements and power supply facilities is calculated. As a result power engineers receive an accurate representation of the need for repairs at various facilities and form their annual plan.

In preparation for the autumn-winter period 2013-2014 Yarenergo will repair 18 substations, which provide power to consumers in different parts of the region. The largest of them will be the 110/10 kV «Friendship», 110/35/10kV «Danilov», 110/10/6 kV «Depot», 110/10kV «Nekouz». At the most feeding centres, included in the plan, power transformers, circuit breakers and disconnectors will be repaired, as well as supporting and stick insulators will be replaced.

The annual plan of repairs includes more than 1.5 thousand km of power lines of 0.4 to 110 kV. Work will be performed in the sections of distribution networks, which need to increase the capacity and improve the technical conditions to operate through a peak load season. This year’s program includes the Conductors 110 kV «Tishinskaya», 110 kV «Yartsevo-Lyutovo», 110 kV «Nerekhta-1-2», 35 kV «Myshkin», 35kV «Petrovsk-Riverlands» and a number of other facilities. In addition 327 transformer substations and more than 5 km of cable lines of 6-10 kV will be repaired.

«The increase in the repair campaign is caused by the need to maximize the reliability of power supply of the Yaroslavl region. All planned repairs will be completed before the next heating season. Thus, our branch will fully prepare for the extreme loads in the grid,» stressed Head of Analysis and Production Management of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Alexander Khlapov.

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