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Specialists of Belgorodenergo and EMERCOM told the children how to behave «Not to be in trouble»


On the eve of the school spring break IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division and EMERCOM of Russia in the Belgorod region conducted for pupils of grades 5-9 of the settlement of May gymnasium in Belgorod district a social and preventive action «Not to be in trouble». Attracting the attention of children to ensure personal and public safety, as well as the formation of pupils’ cultural literacy of handling electricity were the main objectives of the joint action.

During the preventive conversation specialists of Belgorodenergo and EMERCOM told the pupils about the basic rules of behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities, in the street and at home, and in any emergency.

The power engineers for illustrative examples demonstrated why it is dangerous to touch the sagging and broken wire, to approach them closer than 10 metres; to penetrate a transformer substation, climb power line poles or roof of a garage, where wires and communication pass; throw any objects on the wire or climb trees growing near power lines. At the lesson the children received instructions on how to get out of the alleged danger zone in a healthy way, and learned what signs and posters warn of a hidden threat. The pupils were able to secure the knowledge gained with interactive games, cartoons and tests.

Representatives of EMERCOM told the pupils in detail on the prevention of fires and how to behave in all types of emergencies. They taught the children how to use the primary means of fire fighting, reminded of what are the survival means in the water, how to use personal protective equipment against chemical and radiological contamination. A demonstration of a fire engine aroused great interest with the children.

Social action did not leave any of the participants indifferent to. Teacher of the Russian language and literature at school in the settlement of May Rimma Miguel noted that the joint activities of EMERCOM and Belgorodenergo are important because they give a significant effect in training competent behaviour of children in the street and at home. «It is valuable that the children got the information not from the teachers, but directly from the mouths of professionals who have demonstrated how to behave at home, in the street, near the water in the spring, near the power facilities, which rules must be followed to protect yourself. This is a very good lesson for our children,» she stressed.

Let’s note that in addition to the action, the power engineers for three months of the year have already conducted more than 30 extra-curricular activities for electrical safety in schools. To help teachers to new teaching aids were developed, and fascinating colouring books, puzzles, cartoons and videos were made for children.

Power engineers and staff of Emergency Situations Ministry encourage school principals, teachers and parents to often remind children of simple safety rules, especially before holidays. If the child is notified of his or her trapping trouble, then his life and health is not under threat.

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