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IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division has been recognized an organization of high social efficiency


In the Kostroma region the regional round of the All-Russian contest «Russian organization of high social efficiency» was summed up. IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division won first place in the nomination «For the development of social partnership in organizations of the production sector». Governor of the Kostroma region Sergey Sitnikov presented a diploma to Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division director Alexander Glebov.

This is the third regional contest. Its holding allowed to draw public attention to the importance of social issues at the organizational level, and to identify the best social projects aimed at creating a positive social image as well. Organizations of six municipalities participated in the regional stage of the contest: Galich, Volgorechensk, Kostroma, Sharya and Ostrovsky and Sharinsky municipalities. Activities of enterprises and organizations were estimated on the basis of the effectiveness of human resource management, training methods, formation and development of the corporate culture. Working closely with institutions of higher and professional education was also taken into account.

The Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre performs a complex of measures for keeping and effective development of human resources. On the site of the Kostroma Power Engineering College after F.V Chizhov Kostromaenergo’s employees have regular training and professional development. In 2012, 1273 employees of the entire branch had their training. Competence of employees is regularly evaluated within certification activities, knowledge is transferred, mentoring is developed, and work with the personnel reserve is conducted.

IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division established close partnership with trade unions in the region that pay great attention to cultural and sports activities. Each year, with the support of the primary trade union organization the branch holds corporate events, children's drawing contests, dedicated to the Power Engineers« Day, sporting events, and calendar dates are celebrated.

“This award — the result of serious work with the staff, which is carried out every day at the branch. It is aimed at the implementation of the policy of social protection of personnel, creating a comfortable working environment for the employees, their professional development,” stressed the head of Human Resources of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division Nadezhda Muravyova.

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