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Museum of the City Distribution Zone of Kostromaenergo added some new historical materials


The Museum of the City Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division held a solemn transfer of the historical work about the former director of Gorelectroset Leonid F. Shchekin. The material was made by Alexander Sysoev — a 2nd year student of electrical engineering department of Kostroma Power Engineering College after F.V. Chizhov together with the veteran of the college, a graduate of 1946 Valentina I. Kolchina.

Leonid Shchekin worked from 1982 to 1985 as the director of Kostroma city electrical utilities (Gorelectroset). During the Second World War, just after the graduation from Industrial (Power Engineering) College May 9, 1942 he was called to military service. After his graduation he participated in the battles of Kursk in Tank Brigade of Red Banner Order of Suvorov 242. Sergeant Shchekin ended his combat history in Prague in 1945. He has the Medal “For Bravery”, the Order of the Red Star, the Order of Glory 3rd degree, Medal “For Victory over Germany” and 11 front letters of gratitude for the liberation of various cities. Back in Kostroma in October 1945, he was promoted from a shift master of the electrical shop of the electrical heat and power plant to a chief engineer, and later the head of Gorelectroset. His work experience in the Kostroma power system was 32 years.

The solemn ceremony at the Museum was attended by Chief of the City Distribution Zone, veterans of Gorelectroset, and the younger generation of Kostroma power engineers. They were pleased to see the visiting workers, veterans and students of Power Engineering College after F.V. Chizhov.

The cooperation of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division and the College has deep roots. “According to our data, 62% of the graduates of our educational institution work or worked at Kostromaenergo, and the total length of service of our graduates in Gorelectroset (now City Distribution Zone) is 72 years, and that of the 100 years of the existence of the energy company,” — stressed the director of the Museum of the College Natalia Baryshnikova.

Interest and respect for the historical roots of the native enterprise with Kostroma power engineers of IDGC of Centre resonate in the hearts of employees of the Power Engineering College. Veteran Valentina Kolchina spoke proudly of the work done to writing chronicles on the life of Leonid Shchekin. “I got down to this work sincerely. Leonid is not alive, but I was able to store pleasant moments of communication with him. By collecting this material, I already talked with his daughter Lyubov. She handed me the pictures of her father, his letters from the front, work record book ... Very pleased that our memories are of interest for the young generation, students, and representatives of the Youth Council of Kostromaenergo. We will live in their memory,”- she stressed.

The chronicle was handed over to Chief of the City Distribution Zone Andrey Shilin. He sincerely thanked the veterans and college employees for their work, and assured that the material would take its place in the museum of the Distribution Zone. “We are seriously preparing for the 100th anniversary of Gorelectroset, — said Andrey Shilin. — We have renovated our museum — it is now fully changed. In this, we were being actively helped by our dear veterans, workers of Kostroma Power Engineering College, employees of the historical museum and archives of Kostroma.”

The historical work about the life of Leonid F. Shchekin is one of the stages of the planned work of Kostroma power engineers to create chronicles of labour glory of Kostromaenergo.

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