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Entering the New Year with good performance


Distribution Zones of the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre summed up their preliminary results of operation in 2012. In particular Nekrasovskiy Distribution Zone of Yarenergo fully implemented its plan for capital repairs and maintenance of networks, and also increased the provision of additional services.

In the past year Nekrasovskiy power engineers disbursed over three million rubles. With these funds they repaired 40 transformer substations, replaced 71 poles and 156 insulators. Forces of the Distribution Zone repaired 84 km of overhead lines, which is a tenth of all networks of Nekrasovskiy Distribution Zone in the service area of the branch. The major work was performed on a 0.4 kV overhead line in the village of Nikolskoye, villages of Rybnitsa, Pavlovskaya and Gumnischi. 10 kV power line # 2 from the 35-10 kV substation “Burmakino-1” was also renovated.

In the district active work is being ​​continued on connecting new customers to networks of Yarenergo. Nekrasovskiy Distribution Zone executed 412 contracts for grid connection, providing a total of 6.7 MW of customer contract demand. The bulk of the connected facilities fell on the village of Dievo-Gorodische, cluster home community “Black backwater”, areas of the village of Ulkovo and the village of Novodashkovo.

In addition, Nekrasovskiy power engineers in excess executed the plan to implement additional services. They include maintenance work on the lines of street lighting, installation and maintenance of smart electricity meters, as well as support for execution of grid connection contracts, in particular installing crossovers.

According to the results of work performed it can be seen that in 2012 Yarenergo fulfilled its obligations on quality service of electric grid facilities and ensured reliable power supply to consumers of Nekrasovskiy district of the Yaroslavl region.

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