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Smolenskenergo continues to successfully implement its program of staff development


For employees of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division between August and December 2012 training was organized in Smolensk College of Technology to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to improve the trades “Electrician for operating distribution networks” and “Electrician of a fist responding mobile crew”. In the training group for the electricians of fist responding mobile crews 26 people are being trained from 17 Distribution Zones and Central section of mechanization and transport Service of Smolenskenergo. In the group for the electricians for operating distribution networks 24 people are being trained. They all work in crews operating distribution and overhead power lines in 15 different Distribution Zones. Upon completion of their training state certificate of a relevant qualification are given based on the results of qualifying examinations.

The training programs are designed for 760 semester hours for full-time and part-time — about 40% of time is devoted to theoretical training and self-study, but most of the time — on the job training in the Distribution Zones.

The programs include the study of such subjects as the basis of labour law, electrical engineering, electrical measurements, health and safety, electrical and fire safety, electrical equipment of networks, substations and switchgear of the Distribution Zone, relay protection and automation, operational switching, the organization of operating electrical equipment of the Distribution Zone and others. To conduct classes in the college managers and specialists of structural departments of the branch are involved: Deputies Chief Engineer Vitaly Mordykin and Sakhib Bruno, Chief of diagnostics Service Andrey Egorov, Head of technical and production control Department Vladimir Smirnov, Senior Counsel of legal Department Alexey Bystrov.

“The HR policy of IDGC of Centre is aimed at the full development and support of high professional level of the staff, so the branches of the company perform systematic vocational training, retraining and professional staff development. In 2012, Smolenskenergo spent more than 7 million rubles on this,”- stressed Head of Human Resources of the branch Alla Korolkova.

From the beginning of the year, more than 280 employees of the branch, and in different directions and forms for the period 1370 persons have been trained on refresher courses aimed to enhance knowledge and skills in their expertise.

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