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Yarenergo creates favourable investment climate


The economy of the Yaroslavl region is actively developing thanks to large investors who are constructing their facilities in the region. In this process there is considerable merit of power engineers, who connect new businesses to the distribution networks and provide them with reliable power supply.

One of the latest large projects, the grid connection of which has been completed by IDGC of Centre —Yarenergo division — an innovative workshop for production of bare wires of “Sim-Ross Lamifil” LLC in the city of Uglich. The power engineers provided the enterprise with 3.5 MW of the customer contract demand.

The new production is fed from the substation “Nexans”. Two 10 kV cable lines with a length of about 937 metres laid to the facility. Especially for the Uglich enterprise the power engineers purchased a modern type of XLPE cable, the construction of the two lines was necessary to ensure the reliability of power supply of the second category. At the intersections of the lines with underground utilities and roads the cables were run without a trench dug by the so-called “puncture holes” in the ground with its total length of 182 metres.

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“Sim-Ross Lamifil” — a joint Russian-Belgian plant for the production of energy-efficient high-voltage wires of a new generation. The Uglich plant is the only one in the world where production covers the whole product line of the company. In particular, Uglich will have the production of high-temperature wires with composite core and wires of type Z, resistant to snow building and storm loads.

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