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Bryanskenergo’s representative participated in a press conference on energy saving


Head of energy conservation and energy efficiency Office of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Alexey Burenok took part in a press conference on the topic “Implementation of the State Program on energy saving and energy efficiency of the Russian Federation in the Bryansk region”, which was held at the press centre of the Bryansk regional administration.

The press conference was attended by energy resource enterprises that operate in the city of Bryansk and Bryansk region, as well as journalists of regional media.

During the event the implementation of the “State program on energy saving and energy efficiency of the Russian Federation until 2020” in the Bryansk region was discussed. One of the key areas — reduction of energy consumption of production facilities, as the region is one of the key industrial ones of Russia.

Alexey Burenok told that Bryanskenergo is implementing in the Bryansk region the Program of energy saving and energy efficiency of IDGC of Centre for 2011-2015. In August 2011, it was approved by the Board of Directors of IDGC of Centre and agreed upon with the Department of Energy and Housing in the Bryansk region.

The Program consists of several parts: energy audits, upgrading instruments and energy metering systems, measures to reduce electricity losses and management of energy and natural resources.

Alexey Burenok paid special attention to the part that relates to energy audits. Under the law, energy audit must be necessarily performed at governmental organizations, businesses that pay for consumed energy exceeding 10 million rubles a year, organizations involved in regulated activities, and organizations engaged in the production and (or) the transportation of energy resources, which include Bryanskenergo. At the moment, an energy audit of facilities of industrial and economic needs of the branch is under completion in order to develop measures to optimize energy consumption. It is expected that by the end of 2012 Bryanskenergo will receive its energy performance certificate.

According to Alexey Burenok it was planned that the effect, which the branch was to get as a result of implementing the Program of energy saving and energy efficiency in 2011, was to be 30 760 000 rubles of savings. In fact it turned out that the real savings are higher than planned. In the future, the implementation of the energy saving program of IDGC of Centre at the branch will continue.

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