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Lipetsk power engineers are competing in a creative contest


IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division has launched a corporate contest of presentations on the theme: “Our Distribution Zone — Our Pride”, organized by the Human Resources Office and the Council to work with the youth. The main objectives of the event were: the development of creative activity of employees, maintaining the unity of the team and strengthening the image of the branch.

The contest has 18 teams involved, each of which will represent their Distribution Zone. The first prizes will be awarded to those teams that, according to members of the contest committee, will demonstrate the most original, quality and thematically complete presentation, which depict the professional life of the collective.

“We will have to work hard, because it is not to evaluate the final performance, but the professional team building, which is an abstract category, which cannot be measured in figures. I assume that we cannot do without additional nominations,”- commented Head of HR of Lipetskenergo Katerina Mushnikova.

Results of the contest will be announced on December 20, and the awarding ceremony will be held on December 21 in celebration of the Power Engineers’ Day.

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