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Voronezh power engineers held a lesson on electrical safety


Employees of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division arranged for schoolchildren of lyceum # 4 of Voronezh a lesson on electrical safety.

Specialists of industrial control and safety Office and the Customer Service Centre of Voronezhenergo familiarized the children with warning signs at power facilities. Attention was also paid to the prohibition of children’s being at the company’s grid facilities.

The power engineers distributed visual propaganda material, taking into account age-appropriate. The children received colouring books, posters, timetables, telling about the correct behaviour near electrical installations.

A practical lesson on the rules of resuscitation injured with electric shock on a robot simulator “Gosha” caused special interest in the children.

Chief engineer for operation of electrical grids of Voronezhenergo Dmitry Dorovskikh noted the importance of such events. “IDGC of Centre Company — social responsible. We fully understand how important it is to carry out preventive work, particularly in this age category. Power engineers pay attention to the prevention of injuries, trying by all means to make Voronezh residents be safe with electric current,”- he stressed.

Please, note that specialists of Voronezhenergo regularly hold similar lessons in schools. Students and schoolchildren are invited to power facilities of the branch for visual understanding of the danger of being near equipment of grid companies. Power engineers are actively cooperating with various agencies, as well as organizing roundtables to discuss the issues of active struggle with electrical injuries.

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