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A contest of projects "Energy and Me" is taking place in Orelenergo


IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division continues to accept works for the contest of projects “Energy and Me”.

The contest, organized in honour of the 55th anniversary of the company and Orel power system, was launched in July this year. All employees of the branch are taking part in it, as well as their family members. The purpose of the event — to allow talented and creative employees to express themselves and to increase young people’s interest in professions of the energy sector.

Projects of different genres are accepted for the contest: drawings, crafts, music pieces, models, writings, a series of photographs, poems, presentations, and researches. Participants are invited to choose from several themes: “My parents — power engineers”, “Dynasty”, “History of the native structural unit”, “They want to be like them”, “What do I know about the history of Orelenergo”, “Family archive”, and “Energy of the Future”.

So far, more than 50 works have been presented to the jury from all areas of the region. The greatest activity was shown by the children of employees of Novoderevenkovsky Distribution Zone. The boys and girls are writing essays about energy, drawing their parents at work, and telling the story of their families.

For example, the daughter of an electrician of a mobile crew of Novoderevenkovsky Distribution Zone Dasha Serdyukova described how she imagines the energy of the future: “In the future, people will be able not only to watch TV, it will be available for animals as well. Outlets will be located right in the trees. There will be shelves installed for TV viewing and seating for the animal”.

Here is the opinion of the daughter of another electrician of a mobile crew Nastya Safonova about the power engineering profession, “Electrician — is a job that requires one of these qualities, which are not even available to each character of a spy thriller. Working with electricity requires good vision, extraordinary hearing, attention, and good logical thinking. An electrician should be able to quickly navigate through ongoing processes. All these qualities are inherent to my dad”.

— At first, we wanted to sum up by 3 November, but the activity of the participants does not fall, so it was decided to extend the terms to receive projects and summarize in the second half of December, closer to the Power Engineers’ Day. The winners will receive prizes and gifts, — says Head of HR Marina Yakovenko.

Pleasee, be reminded that the company Orelenergo was incorporated December 17, 1957. In included then Orel and Livenskaya CHP, high voltage grid and power supply. This date is considered the birthday of the power system of the Orel region.

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