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Ready for hazards of electricity!


Specialists of Smolenskenergo had a regular lesson on electrical safety in high school № 2 in Smolensk. During the lesson 25 schoolchildren of grade 2 “A” and their teacher Tatiana I. heard a presentation on electrical safety and took an active part in the practical sessions.

Leading Engineer of industrial control and safety Office Victor Korotayev told the children about the beneficial effect of electric current, as well as the dangers inherent in the electricity. He reminded of careful handling of electrical appliances. Indeed, so common in everyday life electric current can carry a death threat, not forgiving any negligence of the rules of electrical safety. Viktor paid special attention to the subject of denying access of third-parties to the premises of power facilities, which should not be a place for fun and games.

In the course of the lesson the children learned a lot of useful things, showed their ability to distinguish an appliance in order from a broken one, understood how to act if one saw lying on the ground or hanging bare wire. Then Victor Korotayev held for the children a master class in learning first aid, using a dummy “Gosha”.

Upon completion of the training the children were traditionally handed out colouring books and board games on electrical safety. The power engineers agreed with the teachers to continue organizing a series of lessons on the prevention of children’s electric injuries at this school. Educators can prepare such lessons on their own, based on the developments and visual materials of specialists of Smolenskenergo.

The specialists of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division are ready to hold classes on electrical safety in educational institutions of the Smolensk region. For the organization of the lesson it is enough to contact the Department of Public Relations of the Branch at 8 (4812) 42-95-62.

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