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Employees of Smolenskenergo are participating in events for the Day of Liberation of Smolensk land


In the Smolensk region there are celebrations of the anniversary of the liberation from the Nazis during World War II.

One such event, held at the military burial “Blade” in Smolensk, was attended by employees of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division. The management of the branch, representatives of the Youth Council and the Veterans’ Council together with war veterans, representatives of local authorities, students and schoolchildren laid wreaths on the graves of soldiers who died in battles for Smolensk land.

Staff of Districts of Electrical Networks of Smolenskenergo annually takes an active part in civic and patriotic, and other socially-oriented activities of the municipalities. Ancestors of many of them defended Smolensk land with arms, so the hearts of the power engineers have lively recollections of their fathers and grandfathers of the hardships and privations of the war.

Every District of Electrical Networks has assigned memorials, obelisks and places of military glory. Solemn meetings were held with the participation of power engineers in the cities of military glory Yelnya and Vyazma, as well as in Shumyachsky, Glinkovsky and Ugransky districts.

In Demidovsky district a reburial ceremony of 20 soldiers, missing in bloody battles, was held. It was also attended by power engineers of Demidovsky Distribution Zone.

On the territory of Temkinsky district the Alley of Power Engineers named after Hero of the Soviet Union G.V. Gromov was planted. Georgy Gromov got his education as an electrician, then worked in the trust “Energostroy”, contributing to the development of the electric grid complex. During the war, he commanded the link, the squadron, and in 1945 he led a fighter regiment, made 408 sorties, participated in 63 air battles, in which he managed to destroy 17 enemy aircrafts. For his courage and bravery G.V. Gromov May 15, 1946 awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

At the request of management of Temkinsky district the public high school, where the hero studied, was named after him. In May 2012, on the initiative of the branch of IDGC of Centre at the school wall there was a granite plaque made with the name of this great man.

Power engineers remember the exploits of his countrymen, take care of the veterans who fought in the bloody battle for the country, try to convey the memory of them and pride of their compatriots to a younger generation.

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