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Voronezh power engineers are working to improve the grid reliability


Specialists of the branch IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division are performing diagnostics of high-voltage grid in which schemes of melting coating of ice will be tested.

In preparation for the autumn-winter period power engineers are implementing a range of measures designed to increase the reliability of the equipment during peak loads. One of the problems that Voronezhenergo faces is broken lines under coating of ice.

To prevent dangerous situations specialists of the branch will test several schemes to melt ice, which will allow to avoid coating of ice on wires. For example, equalizing current and short-circuit schemes.

Now practical actions are being worked out to melt ice throughout the Voronezh region. In September 41 test were performed, and 7 — in October.

Chief of Operations and Technology Service Evgeny Nevzorov underlines that the way to melt ice is very effective, though it is used quite seldom. “The method of melting ice on the lines of 10-110 kV also helps in the diagnostics of power lines to locate weak sections and eliminate shortcomings in the work of grid equipment,” — added Evgeny Nevzorov.

The specialists of the branch note that in addition to the process of ice melting, in the service area of the company there are the so-called ice-forming control posts to help operations staff monitor the amount of coating of ice.

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