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Smolenskenergo held the Safety Day


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division held another safety day. The ad hoc commission to assess the state of labour protection in subdivisions included staff from the Office of production control and safety of Smolenskenergo, staff of the Grid Control Centre, the Centre of production assets management and the branches managers. They assessed the condition of protective equipment, the availability of storage facilities on production sites and proper storage of materials, equipment of temporary waste storage sites.

The commission assessed the status of permanent jobs, the availability of the necessary documentation at them, accuracy and protocol logging of surprise inspections. The work permit system was also checked: availability and correctness of the technical documentation filling in, safety measures, as well as the records of audio recorders were checked with registration of operation talks in the listening log.

Employees of the Office of production control and safety of the branch checked the condition of protective equipment, level of equipment, storage, inventory, inspection, testing, compliance with the list, the appointment of persons responsible, logging, presence of protocols.

Specialists checked the condition of vehicles to transport personnel (availability first aid kits, fire extinguishers, warning triangles in vehicles), and the filling in of orders, delivery logs, and performance of pre-trip briefing of drivers.

The specialists paid special attention to the assessment of electrical panels, assemblies of 380/220 V, the presence of labels, charts, signs, housing ground, and locks for doors.

With staff of Districts of Electrical Networks they worked out the issues of safety in performance of work with lifting devices in the buffer zone along power lines and safety measures when working in the spans crossing with the existing overhead lines.

Theoretical training was conducted in classroom on organizational and technical measures to ensure safe operation of electrical systems, protection measures for indirect contact, the main dangerous and harmful production factors.

At an out-of-operation installation a practical and theoretical training took place for staff of substations service on the R-35/110kV medium repair and testing pole insulation with a device PAC-3M with a connecting bar USP-1, and staff of diagnostics service repeated the procedure for measuring DC resistance and insulation resistance.

In the workplace of specialists of mechanization and transport service the procedure of the release to the route was checked, pre-trip briefings, technical condition of vehicle tires (tread wear, compliance of the motor transport make), the efficiency of the service and parking brake systems, staffing with underride guards, seat belts, spare tire, pads with spikes for lifting devices.

In office facilities of sites and services of Information Technology Office measures were studied to ensure safe operation of stress relief, safety rules when working on entry-testing racks and crosses, the requirements for control and technology management hardware.

“To improve the effectiveness of prevention of electric injuries and compliance with safety rules safety days are held regularly in the company. Power engineers solve current problems, eliminate faults, share their thoughts, ask their questions to the right people — all this increases the effectiveness of efforts to prevent occupational injuries,”- underlined Head of production control and safety of Smolenskenergo Vasily Gipich.

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