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Clearing of ROWs - an important task of Smolenskenergo in preparation for the autumn-winter peak loads


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division in preparation for the autumn-winter period continues its work on clearing ROWs. For these purposes, 26.3 million rubles will be spent in the 3rd quarter of 2012. Smolensk power engineers have to clear 1, 841.3 hectares of ROWs along power lines of the branch in the Smolensk region.

The results of the inspections of ROWs along overhead lines for compliance with the requirements of Electrical Code were used to refine the plan for clearing and expansion of ROWs in 2012. According to the schedule most of the work falls in July-September.

“Most of the power lines in the Smolensk region pass through a wooded area. Trees and shrubs growing in the protected zone of overhead power lines — one of the main causes of failures in the Smolensk power system, — underlined Head of Analysis and Production Management Section of Smolenskenergo Vitaly Golubkov. — That’s why we consider a priority in preparing for the upcoming autumn and winter period to actively perform the clearing and extension of ROWs. These measures are aimed at reducing incidents and improving the efficiency of the branch and are a prerequisite of reliable power supply of the Smolensk region.”

Clearing ROWs in the Smolensk region this year is at a larger scale than in the past. In total in 2012 power engineers have to clear 3.34 thousand hectares of ROWs along power lines, which is more than two times the amount in 2011. For each section of the ROW along overhead lines the most effective method of clearing is defined. The traditional way for Smolenskenergo is a combination of mechanical and manual methods. It also involves cutting of single trees, threatening to fall onto wires of power lines. About 1,600 such trees will be cut in the 3rd quarter.

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