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Lipetskenergo held a roundtable to prevent electric injuries


The main objective of the round table held at IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division was the development of a system of measures to bring together the public efforts in solving the problem of electric injuries.

Among the participants were representatives of the RTN, the Office of Education and Science of the Lipetsk region, law enforcement agencies, EMERCOM in the Lipetsk region and the media.

During the event, experts of Lipetskenergo acquainted the participants with the expertise available for the prevention of injuries to third parties, including children, at the facilities of the distribution grid complex. The main directions and results in this direction were demonstrated in the presentation prepared by specialists of production control and safety Office.

Lipetskenergo gives the highest priority to energy safety issues. To reduce the risk of electric shock and prevent intrusion in electrical installations the branch has the program in action to reduce the risk of injury to third parties at facilities of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division for 2010-2012, Including a set of special measures of organizational, technical, and information- teaching character.

Due to the fact that to ensure complete unavailability of power facilities is almost impossible, the most effective measure to prevent injuries the power engineers consider educational work. The main audience target of information events is children.

Annually in schools and summer camps lessons and after-school classes are held on electrical safety with the distribution of visual materials on the rules of behavior in the vicinity of power facilities. In addition, the branch provides regular information and warning of the dangers of the electrical current through the media.

To reduce the risk of electric shock for unauthorized persons a complex of special measures of organizational and technical is aimed. Thus, Lipetskenergo implements the program for removal of overhead power lines passing through the territories of preschool institutions, schools, technical schools; and to exercises control over labels and warning signs on power equipment, as well as operational condition of entrance doors in transformer substations and their fences.

Discussion of this problem has led to a number of joint coordinated decisions aimed at preventing injuries to third parties, especially children, at facilities of the distribution grid complex. Recognizing the urgency of this subject, the present decided to regularly hold such meetings. Furthermore a list of concrete proposals was approved for implementation of measures to prevent electric injuries for each of the organizations whose representatives took part in the round table.

Due to the planned arrangements the information coverage area will be greatly enhanced not only by educational institutions, but also by the available advertisement space of Upper Don RTN in the Lipetsk region and EMERCOM in the Lipetsk region, providing an opportunity to place promotional warning materials on electrical safety. This objective will be also contributed with displaying a video on prevention of children’s electric injuries in preventive activities and excursions at the Museum of Fire Protection, and preventive work on electric injuries by the police precinct among children, especially those from broken families and troubled teens, owners of heavy lifting equipment and large goods vehicles. A special place in the prevention of electric injuries will continue to be given to joint cooperation of power engineers with law enforcement authorities in the prevention of cases of theft of electricity, facts of construction of buildings and work in exclusion zones along overhead power lines.

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