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Orel power engineers use cartoons to prevent electric injuries


More than 40 lessons on electrical safety were conducted for the last three months Orel power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division. It was attended by about a thousand children aged 7 to 13 years. In general, experts of Orelenergo went to public schools and children’s camps. It is also important that the lessons were conducted in correctional institutions.

We use visual aids, which allow to keep the attention of the restless audience. For example, a highlight of the lesson is always a medley of favorite kids’ cartoons. Power engineers choose those moments in which there is the electric current and safety rules mentioned. Cartoon characters suggest that one must not approach any sagging and broken wire, throw wire and other items onto power lines, get on a power pole, play and do sports near the power plant, open the door and get inside the premises where there is electrical equipment.

The children, who have once visited the classroom, look forward to when the power engineers will start reviving “Gosha” and secretly tell sitting next to friends that the main thing is still to come.

— The lessons are relaxed and even fun, but it is such an atmosphere that the children need to learn the material, — says Head of occupational health and environmental safety of the branch Andrey Sharin. — When we first started to conduct classes, it was a little uncomfortable: what if the children would not listen or we could not intelligibly explain. Sometimes not everything went smooth, but with time the quantity has grown in quality. And now the lessons have become really interesting. We would like to experiment, to invent new techniques to make lessons more vivid.

In the new academic year, power engineers will continue to give lessons in schools. The first of them will be in the sponsored Znamenskaya boarding school. The company also waits requests for educational events from other educational institutions of the Orel region.

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