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Bryanskenergo helps teach children in kindergartens electrical safety


One of the priorities of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division is prevention of electric injuries cases among third parties, including children, at electric grid facilities of the Bryansk region.

The branch has developed a set of measures aimed at preventing electric injuries. Special attention is paid to the prevention work carried out with children.

Throughout the year, employees of Bryanskenergo conduct electrical safety lessons in the schools of Bryansk, as well as in educational institutions, in the service area of the branch’s Districts of Electrical Networks. Staff of Bryanskenergo, life safety teachers and class masters, preparing to conduct classes on electrical safety, use notes and handouts as well.

Electrical safety lessons are held not only in schools, but also in kindergartens. Another lesson took place in kindergarten # 138 “Little Song” of the city of Bryansk. Talking to children about what the electric current was the preschool teachers relied on abstract of the lesson, developed by employees of Bryanskenergo. To make the kids better learn the rules of behavior in the vicinity of power facilities and rules for safe handling of electrical appliances, nursery workers used colourful posters on electrical safety, and played with children in the table games “Teach the characters of Russian fairy tales to use electricity”. The kindergarten teachers were also handed out colouring books.

According to head of production control and safety Office of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Pavel Zlobin it is necessary to conduct classes on electrical safety in schools and kindergartens in the city of Bryansk and the region. They teach children about safety rules that must be followed being near power facilities or using power tools. Knowledge of and compliance with these rules is to protect children from harm.

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