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First Deputy Governor of the Smolensk region thanked Smolenskenergo


In the name of Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division director Sabir Agamaliev a letter of thanks was received on behalf of First Deputy Governor of the Smolensk region Mikhail Pitkevich “for active participation of the branch in the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of professional skills ‘Best in Profession’ for the provision of material support to its organization and holding”. “I am confident that our joint activity aimed at the promotion and popularization of working professions, to increase the level of professionalism and development of creativity of workers will continue to enhance the human resources of the region’s industry” — stressed in the conclusion in the letter Mikhail Pitkevich.

As part of the competition on July 25 at the training center “Argus” in Gagarin in accordance with the Governmental Resolution “About the All-Russian competition of professional skills ‘Best in Profession’ there was the regional stage of the” Best welder“. The main organizer was the Department of the Smolensk region on energy, energy efficiency, tariff policy and industry. The contest was held to promote and popularize highly skilled labour of blue collar occupations, to improve the vocational training level and prestige of highly skilled workers of popular professions. The objective of the competition was to attract personnel in the industrial sector of the economy, and to improve professional and creative skills.

Welder of category 5 of mechanization and transport Service of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division Yury Golikov participated in the competition among welders for the welding method — manual arc coated electrodes, and took first place in the theoretical task. The employee of Smolenskenergo was the best to handle the matter on the theory of welding processes and manual arc welding with coated electrodes.

It should be noted that the contestants who violated safety rules or technology to perform the practical task, as it was decided by the Expert group, were banned from taking part in the competition. Such severe sanctions would not have applied to any of the contenders, which indicates a high level of the participating experts.

The winner of the regional stage of the competition “Best Welder” will be nominated for the national contest to be held in Ufa, from 2 to 5 October 2012.

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