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Lipetskenergo is of proud of their colleagues


Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division are again among the best workers of the region. At this time they became Electrician of a mobile crew of Lebedyansky District of Electrical Networks (DEN) Gennady Skuratov and Electrician to operate distribution networks of Dolgorukovsky DEN Vyacheslav Beklemischev.

The photo of Gennady Skuratov took the rightful place on the Board of Honour “Labour Glory of Lebedyansky district” opened to the 399-anniversary of the town of Lebedyan. For the benefit of the region Gennady has been working since 1973. His professional work has always been associated with power industry. For 39 years the main task of Electrician Gennady Skuratov has been the uninterrupted power supply to consumers in the district. Since 2006 he has successfully solved it with the team of Lipetskenergo. During these years he has showed himself a qualified and motivated employee, who is responsible to deal with industrial problems. Gennady Skuratov’s professionalism has been often highly appreciated by the company’s management. The team respects Gennady as well.

Another employee of Lipetskenergo — 27-year-old Vyacheslav Beklemischev — became one of the best young employees of Dolgorukovsky district submitted to the Board of Honour “Youth — our pride”. He also received this honour thanks to his professionalism and active life position, which is a good example for the younger generation. The candidacy of the prospective specialist was unanimously approved by the team of Dolgorukovsky DEN, where he has been working since 2006.

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