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Trade union organization of Smolenskenergo cares for the staff


Employees of the Western area of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division during the weekend took a trip to Brest. This is not the first tourist trip, organized with the support of the trade union committee. 44 employees of Velizhsky, Demidovsky, Krasninsky, Kardymovsky and Smolensky Districts of Electrical Networks of Smolenskenergo had their three-day bus tour under the program “Kobrin — ostrich farm — Kamenets — Brest — Brest Fortress — Bialowieza Forest — Pruzhany — water park”.

“Every year we organize similar trips for our staff on various routes. During this year we conquered Belarus, namely, its western part. We come for a visit to our neighbors not the first time, but this trip surprised us probably the most. First, we were warmly welcome at the ostrich farm. Next to these marvelous animals spotted deer, camels, sheep and various birds live in the neighborhood”, — says the organizer of the trip, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union of the Western area Alexander Saburov.

One of the most memorable moments of the tour was a trip for employees in the Bialowieza Forest. Beauty and grooming of the place, cleanliness, order of protected forests, open space enclosures for animals, hospitality and “heat” of the residence of Santa Claus — all left an unforgettable experience of visiting this wonderful corner of nature. “By visiting this site, you find yourself in a fairy tale and time again to become a child”, — told the witnesses.

The tourists were surprised with the greatness and fundamental nature of the Brest Fortress. “Sends shivers down your back” when the tour guide talked about the heroic military past of this place. The attitude of the Belarusian people to our common history struck us. With what care they preserved and transferred this monument of the past war to descendants. Great respect and bow to them for that“, — stressed Alexander Saburov.

The power engineers were pleased to look at how water parks and ice rinks are opened in small towns. They were able to visit a water park in the village of Pruzhany, to be back to their childhood, to go down slides and to swim in the pool.

“Thanks to the branch for the trip organized for us. We were particularly struck by the fact that people do know how to present their sights, to tell their stories — the work of the tour guide is great. And what cleanliness and comfort! Museum of Nature — a miracle! In short, from the trip we got great positive emotions and well-rested”, — stressed Engineer of marketing and additional services section of Krasninsky DEN of the branch Oxana Makarova.

During the three day’s trip the staff well rested and met with the sights of Belarusian cities, the history of the republic, visited many interesting places. “The organized by the branch tour — it’s a good possibility of forming a corporate spirit of the company” — summed up Alexander Saburov.

Management of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division places great emphasis on improvement and rest of the employees and their children, organizing leisure time, considering that full rest contributes to fruitful work.

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