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Yarenergo continues its work to clear ROWs along power lines


In the first half of 2012 IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division cleared 737.6 hectares of ROWs. Until the end of the year Yaroslavl power engineers plan to clear ROWs along overhead power lines in an area of ​​1513.07 hectares.

Clearing and expansion of ROWs, as well as cutting standing alone trees, threatening to fall onto overhead power lines of the branch, is performed within preparation for the upcoming autumn-winter period of 2012-2013 and is one of the priorities of Yarenergo. The personnel, involved in clearing and expansion of ROWs, is fully provided with personal protective equipment and tools. They use hand-held hedge trimmers, chain saws, tractors, bulldozers. They also apply special heavy machinery — tractor- brushcutter Valtra. It allows to trim with full utilization of logging residues in chips.

Falling trees and branches whipping with wire is the main cause of power failure. To avoid this, ROWs along power lines should be cleared, and trees that can cause a fault should be removed. In order to compensate forestland Yarenergo does compensatory planting. Seedlings are placed in locations where future trees will not interfere with reliable electricity supply to consumers.

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