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Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Centre are taking care of the electric injuries prevention during the summer holidays


Staff of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division conducted a lesson on electrical safety in the Orthodox Youth Center “The Festival of the Saviour”, situated near the town of Kotovsk. Within the program for the electric injuries prevention at power facilities IDGC of Centre is doing extensive work among the population, in particular, carries out activities aimed at informing children and young people about the rules of behavior near power facilities.

Particular attention is paid to electrical safety in schools. Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division during the summer holidays are holding a series of classes aimed at preventing electric injuries among schoolchildren, those resting in summer camps. Lessons on electrical safety have already become traditional and are held not only during the school year, but during the children’s resting activities.

The Orthodox Youth Center “The Festival of the Saviour” has become one of the new social partners of Tambovenergo, on the basis of which lessons to prevent electric injuries for teenagers will now be regularly held. The last lecture was attended by over 100 children.

Staff of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division told the children that often the main cause of accidents associated with electric shock among the population is the lack of basic knowledge of electrical safety. The schoolchildren learned why one must not fly a kite near a power line, climb electric poles, approach wires at an unacceptably close distance. Children received as much information as possible about the warning signs on the transformer substations and other power equipment.

During the event the children were shown videos telling about the danger of penetration of energy facilities and trained first aid to victims with electric shock. A training simulator “Gosha” was as a visual aid. The program of training sessions on the prevention of children’s electric injuries was approved by the Board of Education and Science of the Tambov region.

Tambovenergo is aware of the need to prevent electric injuries among children and adolescents. It is essential that such complex and vital material is deposited in the memory of the students. For this power engineers gave each child special colourful brochures and posters.

The initiative of the Tambov power engineers to perform systematic and large-scale effort to prevent electric injuries is highly appreciated by the leadership of the regional authorities, as well as teachers. “Lessons on electrical safety are, no doubt, a great benefit for children. This is the case in which there are a variety of institutions to save children’s lives and health at the same time — family, school, church. The information obtained will be used by children in the future during practical camp training, as well as in everyday life”, — stressed Senior Teacher of the Orthodox Youth Center “The Festival of the Saviour” Margarita Kholoburdina.

Lessons on electrical safety are one of the most important activities of the program to reduce the risk of injury to third-parties at power facilities. In addition to working with children it involves active collaboration with the authorities, media, regulatory and supervisory authorities, law enforcement and security agencies.

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Opening of the Orthodox Youth Center “The Festival of the Saviour”, located in a wooded area near the town of Kotovsk, took place in 2009. Previously, there was the summer camp “Birch”, which after eight years of inaction was passed to the Tambov diocese and given a new name and purpose. Now children from poor families, as well as students of Sunday schools of the Tambov region, rest in the camp. Teachers of the Orthodox camp shift are Sunday school teachers, camp counselors — students of the Tambov Theological Seminary.

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