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The volume of grid connections in Yarenergo keeps on growing


For 6 months of 2012 IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division has performed 1803 grid connection agreements, which is 27% higher than the same period last year. A 47% increase in the number of applications for grid connection and 55% — the number of agreements. These figures were 3411 and 2756 pieces.

For the reporting period power engineers of the Yaroslavl branch have connected to their networks 1653 facilities of individuals with a total connected capacity of 16.9 MW, and 150 enterprises with a capacity of 13.4 MW. Among infrastructure facilities that were connected by the branch in the first half — an obstetric station in Uglichsky distict ​​, a boiler room in Breitovsky district, a sewage pumping station in Rostov, an artesian well in the village of Borisoglebsky, a dairy farm in one of villages of Lyubimsky district as well as residential apartment buildings in several districts of the region.

The options of grid connection of such large facilities as a residential micro-district being built in Yaroslavl with the prospect of its consumption in 2015 of up to 14 MW, a plant for the production and testing of gas turbines in the town of Rybinsk with its power of 8 MW and a paper processing plant in the village of Semibratovo with its capacity of 10 MW.

The increase in the grid connection says about the growth of investment attractiveness of the region and accelerating the overall development of the territory of the Yaroslavl region. Branch “Yarenergo” is working with the subjects of the municipal government in terms of interaction issues. Its result should be a unified system of relationships between power engineers and administrations of districts in terms of connecting to the grid new or increasing capacity of existing facilities.

So, the Regulation on the interaction with Lyubimsky, Danilovsky and Gavrilov-Yamskiy districts has already been signed. Administrations will provide the grid organization with plans for future development of the territory, information on the sale of land and construction sites, and about the possibility of locating electric grid facilities, so that power engineers can adjust their plans and perform the electrification of a district within a required period.

In turn Yarenergo will inform the authorities about the technical capabilities and connectivity features of a particular territory. A constructive dialogue between the government and power engineers will allow to reduce the time of execution of agreements for grid connection and effectively to use financial resources of the branch, taking into account the priority and importance of a facility to the district and region as a whole.

“This means that every ruble gained by power engineers and invested in construction of new electric grid facilities already today will benefit applicants in the form of electricity and will not be a mute reproach in the form of power lines and transformer substations, built “to nowhere”, — stressed Head of future development section of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Mikhail Aganin.

In the near future IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division plans to conclude similar Regulations with the administrations of all districts of the Yaroslavl region.

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