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Recommendations of the Kursk power engineers, in case the house lights went out


In IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division planned power outages are performed by the company’s for the execution of works to improve the quality of power supply and increase the efficiency of the entire electric grid.

Temporary inconveniences associated with planned outages are compensated in the subsequent delivery of high-quality electricity, reducing faults in the networks.

Updated information on upcoming scheduled power cuts is weekly prepared by Districts of Electrical Networks of the branch, taking into account unplanned and urgent requests. The data is transmitted to operators of the contact center, placed on the web site of IDGC of Centre at (on the home page click on the banner “Power Outage”). Also, information on planned outages is in offices of administrations of municipalities.

“Power outages can be also unplanned, — explained Deputy Chief Engineer for operational and technological management of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division Dmitry Martemyanov. — Most of such outages are eliminated by specialists of Kurskenergo almost immediately, as soon as they occur, but some of them — after long hard work. Such interruptions are usually caused by abnormal weather conditions, which greatly damage power lines and equipment”.

If your house lights went down, you should check whether there is electricity at your neighbours’. A positive result means it is likely that fuses are off or a LV switch has tripped, installed directly in your house, apartment or on the landing. In older homes and apartments wiring, fuses and switches can be not designed for heavy loads — such as turning on a large number of appliances at once.

In the case where the problem is not in the LV switch or fuse, you should visually check the wires leading from the pole to the house (input). If they are damaged or have contact with the earth, being no closer than 10 meters from the damage, report it via the Direct Power Hot Line of IDGC of Centre at 8-800-50-50-115 (toll-free with both mobile and landline phones .) The operator will take your call and forward it to the operators’ service of IDGC of Centre for troubleshooting.

Experts of Kurskenergo recommend consumers to turn off all electrical appliances and electronic equipment, lighting, except for one source and one inside out, so that both residents and experts of a restoration crew could understand that the power supply of your house has been restored.

It is also important to turn the thermostat of the house heating system to its minimum to prevent damage from power surges when power is restored. In addition, it will be easier to restore power supply when there is not much load on the electrical network.

In the absence of electricity the public radio is an important source of information for population. The radio brings information about restoration work progress, expert and local authorities’ advice.

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