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Belgorodenergo is increasing the reliability of power supply


Within the target program for increasing the reliability of power equipment specialists of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division this year will carry out the reconstruction of nine 35 kV substations and three 110 kV substations. Circuit breakers, disconnectors of 35-110 kV will be replaced and microprocessor-based protection panels will be installed at 110 kV feeding centers. This will improve the reliability of electricity supply in the Belgorod region.

The main project of the year will be a complete reconstruction of the five 35 kV substations (“Printsevka”, “Aleinikovo”, “White pit”, “Bolshetroitskoe”, “Nechaevka”), providing electricity to residents of Valuiki, Veydelevsky, Shebekinsky, Alexeevsky and Belgorodsky districts of the regions.

Currently, power engineer have started the project implementation. In the course of the work at the feeding centers the outdated equipment of outdoor 35 kV switchgear and indoor 6-10 kV switchgear will be completely replaced, modern microprocessor relay protection and automation will be installed, the control panels and systems of control current will be replaced, the oil circuit breakers will be replaced with vacuum and gas-insulated ones. Operations rooms of the substations under reconstruction will be block-modular.

Head of substations service of high voltage grid Office of Belgorodenergo Vasily Sevostyanov noted that the reconstruction of the power facilities will provide safe and uninterrupted operation of equipment, reduce power losses and ensure high-quality supply of electricity to consumers in the region.

In general, within the reliability program power engineers for the year will replace at substations 160 oil circuit breakers of 10 kV with modern vacuum devices with microprocessor-based relay protection, which will reduce the number of interruptions of bus section. The new equipment has a low fire risk and has the best features of mechanical wear and the number of cycles, a larger set of protection and automation features. The application of the microprocessor-based protection panels allows at an early stage to identify a fault in the equipment to avoid its breaking down.

More than 11,000 insulators will be replaced on 35-110 kV overhead lines and about 2,300 surge arresters of 6-110 kV at 6(10) kV transformer substations and 35-110 kV substations.

To improve the reliability of control current systems in substations it is planned to install eight new low maintenance battery units and DC operating current systems, which require virtually no maintenance and have no emissions of chemically active elements in the environment.

In order to improve the technical characteristics of power equipment, to increase the accuracy of metering and to improve the quality of the formation of volume of electric energy transmission 230 current transformers of 10 kV and 32 voltage transformer of 6-10 and 35 kV will be replaced.

It should be noted that the program to improve the reliability of power equipment is an essential component of investments of Belgorodenergo in the development of the grid complex of the region. Its implementation allows not only to improve the parameters of the grid operation, but also to ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply to consumers, which is especially important during the branch’s preparation for the winter peak load operation.

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