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Kurskenergo increases the reliability of power lines


Since the beginning of the year in exclusion zones along power lines of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division works have been performed to clear ROWs in the area exceeding 379 hectares and to expand ROWs in the area of 113.8 hectares.

ROW clearing along power lines off tree and shrub seedlings and ROW extension along overhead power lines is one of the most important activities in preparation for the maximum load operation in the autumn-winter period. Uninterrupted electricity supply to consumers depends on volume and quality of clearing, as branches and trees falling onto wires of overhead lines during natural disasters is one of the main causes of failure to supply power to consumers.

Until the end of this year specialists of Kurskenergo and contractors are planning to clear 858.2 hectares and expand 35.5 hectares of ROWs along overhead lines of 0.4-10 kV and 177.7 hectares for 35-110 kV power lines.

High capacity for utilization of logging residues while ROW clearing and expanding is achieved in Kurskenergo by the use of a mechanical timber chopper (mulcher). The use of mulching technology allows to chop felling residues into chips without harming the environment and without creating a fire risk, and overall labour costs for clearing are largely reduced. The use of efficient technologies also reduces the amount of manual labour and considerably increases the area of clearing.

ROW clearing and expanding along power lines is performed by specialists of Kurskenergo and contractors in accordance with a pre-approved schedule with obtaining necessary permits. The work on the lines, which are temporarily off for repair in connection with clearing, is performed as soon as possible with the assistance of the required number of personnel and special machinery.

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