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Kurskenergo is preparing for winter


Large-scale planned maintenance work has begun at IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division and will continue until the onset of cold weather. The program of repairs was made on the basis of long-term schedules, as well as the results of a comprehensive diagnostics.

By the end of 2012 the branch will overhaul about 2,000 km of overhead power lines of 0.4-10 kV, 321 transformer substations of 10-0,4 kV and 151 power transformers. At the facilities under repair 2847 poles and 7804 insulators will be replaced.

“The types and amount of work done in the overhaul of 0.4-10 kV overhead line equipment and 10-0,4 kV transformer substations is governed by the requirements of normative-technical documentation, — explained Deputy Chief Engineer — Head of distribution networks Office of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division Georgy Uzerinov. — The works are carried out strictly according to the approved technology cards. At each facility a preliminary examination is conducted and elimination of identified faults is individually planned on certain types”.

Thus, in addition to the above amount, Kurskenergo will perform work on adjusting and replacing wires in spans of overhead lines, correction of poles of overhead lines and foundations of transformer substations, replacement of substation foundations, marking operational names on substations and poles of overhead lines in accordance with the standard and other important types of work.

To ensure a reliable electricity supply of consumers specialists of Kurskenergo apply experience of the best manufacturers of products for distribution networks. At present, at transformer substations of 10-0,4 kV they use modern polymer surge arresters and switching equipment, sealed power transformers, pole-mounted transformer substations up to 100 kVA, which allow to install a transformer substation as close as possible to the consumer. Also, to improve the reliability of electricity supply of 6-10 kV consumers stand-alone devices with remote control are applied that are used to automatically disconnect and reconnect sections of overhead lines — reclosers. This equipment can significantly reduce the duration of outages. In certain situations, voltage boosters are applied, which are used to raise and stabilize the voltage, increasing the capacity of the 0.4 kV network and the provision of electric power quality.

Self-supporting insulated wire (SIW) is widely spread in 0.4-10 kV overhead lines, which has a number of indisputable advantages: ease of installation, safety for consumers and installers, operating reliability, protection against mechanical damage of the conductor, impermeability of joints. When working with 6-10 kV cable lines modern ferrules and couplings are used.

One of the most important actions in preparation for peak loads during the autumn-winter period is the clearing of ROWs along power lines off tree and shrub seedlings and extension of ROWs along overhead power lines. By the end of this year, experts of Kurskenergo are planning to clear 858.2 ha and expand 213.2 ha of ROWs. High efficiency at ROW clearing and expanding is achieved using a mechanical timber chopper (mulcher), based on the tractor “VALTRA”. When using this technique, felling residues are ground into chips without damage to the environment and without creating a threat of fire. There is no need for utilization of logging residues, which greatly reduces overall labour costs for clearing.

Modern technologies and equipment in Kurskenergo is implemented as part of a comprehensive program to improve the reliability of IDGC of Centre, aimed at replacing obsolete and worn out equipment.

The performance of all planned maintenance activities of the company will ensure regular operation of distribution networks and reduce technical wear of equipment, excluding emergency situations and providing reliable and quality electricity supply to consumers in the autumn-winter period of 2012-2013.

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